Broadcasting from the

Installing and Configuring OBS

Sacrament Meetings

  • Sacrament meetings YouTube as the primary feed, Zoom as the secondary feed, the OBS broadcasting software, and a laptop and camera in the chapel. Other tools may also be added onto the broadcast (such as FreeConferenceCall for a phone service). Only a stake technology specialists can create, schedule, and modify events for later broadcasting.

  • A stake technology specialist will set up the camera and laptop for you well prior to the meeting start time.

  • A stake technology specialist will remote in using the AnyDesk software at least 15 minutes prior to your sacrament meeting and will start the broadcast for you.

TODO: Explain meeting broadcasting steps

After the meeting

If you are not the last ward, you may leave the laptop and camcorder on for the next ward. Do not unplug or put away any cords or equipment. Leave OBS streaming.

If you are the last ward to use the building:

    • For the 1-2-3 or 6-7 building

      • Turn off the laptop (don't use sleep mode).

      • Unplug the laptop's USB cable. Unplug the the AC power adapter from the laptop and the power strip. Put the AC adapter in the gray box.

      • Put the laptop in the gray box.

      • Collapse down the microphone on the arm

      • Loosen the lower grip on the pole, let the pole slide down 3 feet.

      • Turn off the power on the audio receiver

      • Unplug the power strip from the wall

      • Find a way to loop/hook any hanging wires

      • Carry and place the collapsed setup into its designated spot

      • Carry the and place gray box into its designated spot

    • For the 4-5 building

      • TODO

Additional notes for the stake technology specialist:

In addition to those guidelines, below are recommendations for our stake:

  1. Ensure the laptop is plugged in with power and process all laptop Windows updates well prior to the meeting. (Some updates can take hours, depending on the speed of the laptop).

For additional questions, contact the stake technology specialist.