Emotional Resilience Class

This is a brand-new, 10-week course to help us learn how to better respond to the difficult emotional challenges we face in our lives. You can join for all 10 weeks, or just choose the topics which are of interest to you.

There is no cost, and everyone is invited. All classes will be held via Zoom, and there is no limit to the number we can accommodate.

Thursday Evening Group

This group meets online every Thursday evening from 8-10 pm, beginning July 14, 2022.

Sunday Afternoon Group

This group meets online every Sunday afternoon from 3-5 pm, beginning July 17, 2022.

  • Week 1
    Building Emotional Resilience

  • Week 2
    Healthy Thinking Patterns

  • Week 3
    Our Body and Emotions

  • Week 4
    Managing Stress and Anxiety

  • Week 5
    Understanding Stress and Depression

  • Week 6
    Overcoming Anger

  • Week 7
    Managing Addictive Behaviors

  • Week 8
    Building Healthy Relationships

  • Week 9
    Providing Strength to Others

  • Week 10
    Moving Forward with Faith

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