Technical Difficulties

This page communicates past issues and how we are working to resolve them.

October 23 2022

4th ward - The building's Xfinity modem had connectivity issues. Working with a Comcast technician, we traced the problem to a coax cable barrel connector that got accidentally tugged when the HVAC crews were working on installing new furnaces. We unfortunately didn't have a mobile hotspot available as a backup option.

5th ward - We've been temporarily relying on a radio receiver for pulpit audio while church technicians finish the new broadcasting system. The radio this week simply generated unexpected interference.

October 7 2022

7th ward- The broadcast was 10 minutes late due to a bad broadcasting setting.

July 10 2022

1st and 2nd ward - Interference on the audio transmitter. The cause this week was due to grouping cords near the transmitter, the electrical interference of the cords prevented good wireless transmission. We've moved the transmitter farther away from the camera and cords.

July 3 2022

3rd ward - Sunday morning someone turned off the pulpit audio transmitter. We used the backup mic for the remainder of the meeting
6th ward - The building's internet service stopped working around 8:55 AM. We set up a mobile hotspot and broadcast through that instead.

June 5 2022

1st ward - The audio was losing wireless connectivity during the first few minutes. The problem is caused by numerous cell phones which interfere with the wireless audio system. We've moved the camera closer to hopefully get a better wireless audio signal.
4th and 5th ward - The audio was losing wireless connectivity throughout the meeting. The problem is caused by numerous cell phones which interfere with the wireless audio system. This week we installed a direct wire connection. We're still working on moving the music microphone so it doesn't pick up conversations and coughing.

May 29 2022

1st, 2nd, and 3rd wards - The audio struggled with dropped signals. The cause was determined to be two-fold. 1) The audio 5.8 GHz transmitter/receiver units struggled in a room full of people and phones (tested demonstrated they work on over double the distance in an empty room). 2) The transmitter was at its limits and was moved an inch last week in hopes of getting a better signal, but instead it resulted in a worse signal. The fix for June 5 is to move the transmitter to full line-of-sight spot and where its radio signals can better bounce around walls to hit the receiver.
1st ward - The YouTube feed accidentally got sent to the 3rd ward. The Zoom backup still worked.
5th ward - The audio was missing for the first 30 minutes. The problem occurred due to moving audio USB ports but nothing recognized the new USB port. We're adding better hardware and policy to recognize this problem faster if it occurs again.

Mar 6 2022

1st and 2nd wards - A loose cable led to buzzing audio
4th ward - The broadcasting device switched to using the laptop's microphone rather than the pulpit's microphone

July 4 2021

2nd Ward - Internet connection problems near the end of the meeting. We suspect the problem is due to a bad laptop port and are investigating.

June 27

5th and 7th wards - A Windows update renamed all audio inputs to new names, causing our broadcasting program to no longer recognize audio inputs by their old names.

Mar 14

4th ward - A spotty network connection led to some dropped portions of the meeting. The cause of the spotty network is still unknown.

Mar 7

Stake Conference - The organ music was popping and crackly due to an organ volume higher than the microphone could accept. The mic and software volume settings were manually adjusted for future meetings.

Feb 14

3rd ward - Children played near and disconnected the internet, audio, and video cables. Upon reconnecting the cables, the children disconnected them again. We will be taping down the cables differently to keep the cable ends directly underneath the camera tripod.

January 3

3rd ward - A video cable was accidentally bumped and pulled out, resulting in lost video for several minutes near the end of the meeting.

December 27

4th ward - The Relief Society Zoom meeting's link didn't work. The problem occurred during the process to transition all ward accounts to church upgraded Zoom accounts. We transitioned the 4th ward account to a church's Zoom account, but somehow in the process, the church downgraded the 4th ward to a limited free tier account. (We previously transitioned the 6th ward without incident.) This downgrade occurred on a Saturday, and we couldn't reach church tech support to fix the issue. We didn't discover the meetings required a password until the Relief Society attempted to start the meeting.

5th ward - The YouTube feed buffered frequently. The YouTube feed was set to a mode to limit time delay, but as a result, it appeared to limit buffering. We will increase the buffering limits for next week to better avoid this issue.

6th ward - We received two disconnects that lasted one minute each during the meeting. Cause is still unknown and we're investigating. We've since implemented a mechanism which quickly auto restarts lost connections, so that future disconnects would last only a few seconds instead of one or two minutes.

7th ward - The building's internet stopped working at 11:10 AM. We switched to send the broadcast through a phone connection via tethering. The video quality was set to a low setting to ensure we didn't buffer, and the only the YouTube feed was used.

December 20

4th ward - Two issues. 1) The laptop's network/ethernet port went bad, causing numerous dropped connections. 2) The audio line out feed from the main pulpit would degrade terribly for a couple of minutes if someone sang loudly into it. We ordered both a backup ethernet port and a different microphone for musical numbers.

5th ward - The church broadcast connection occasionally stopped. A message was placed on screen to redirected users to the YouTube backup stream.

December 13

2nd ward - A loose cable caused an internet disconnection. This lasted for about three minutes.
4th ward - Bad audio during the singing musical number and for a few minutes on the subsequent speaker. We suspected it was due to a cord tugging and pulling out.
We oredered new hardware to help minimize chances of cords tugging and pulling out.

November 29

For all wards - We still get reports that some main broadcasts get delayed. We have implemented a solution to allow all wards to have a YouTube backup option for December 6th.

November 22

For all wards - We are still getting occasional reports of the broadcast not loading (moving squares), or the broadcast being 15 minute behind and skipping ahead. We're working to roll out YouTube as a backup option to the 4th and 5th wards first to test.

November 15

5th ward - For a few minutes around 11 AM, the church's servers gave an error of "An unhandled exception occurred while processing this request"

1st, 4th, and 6th wards - Starting at 8:40 AM, numerous users received a 502 or 500 error after clicking on a ward's "View Worship Services" button which redirected to I spoke with an individual at church tech support who said they are aware. The issue was with the church's servers in Salt Lake City.

November 8

Throughout the morning, a handful of users reported receiving a 502 error after clicking on a ward's "View Worship Services" button which redirected to This issue occurred with the church's servers in Salt Lake City.

November 1

1st, 4th, and 6th wards - The church's broadcasting system was down until about 9:05 AM.

1st Ward - Video was unavailable as two laptop USB ports again stopped functioning. New hardware will be used to avoid this problem in the future.

5th Ward - An audio cable was a loose resulting in weak audio for the first five minutes.

October 25

4th Ward - The laptop's mic port stopped working. The backup laptop had quiet audio. While searching for a fix, an echo effect was introduced for a few minutes.

October 18

1st Ward - Two of the three USB ports on the building's laptop stopped working. The meeting started 15 minutes late and could only broadcast audio and not video.

1st/2nd/3rd Ward - The audio was a bit too quiet. The new microphone has since been adjusted louder.

7th Ward - An additional space character was accidentally input into the broadcast address. The issue wasn't determined until 15 minutes into the meeting.

October 11

1st/2nd/3rd Ward - The audio had a buzz, and occasionally had loud beeps or very loud static. These problems were caused by issues associated with one of the building's wireless receiver units. We have since moved to a desktop microphone.