Missionary Preparation

Mission Prep Classes

All young men and young women who are juniors or seniors in high school or recently graduated are invited to attend. This course will be a pre-requisite for anyone planning on submitting mission papers in 2023 (unless they took the class in 2022 or completed an institute prep course). For more information, contact Wes Hansen at 801-589-9303.


Classes will be held on the second and fourth Sundays in January thru April at 3:00 PM at the Stake Center.

  • 01/08 - What is my purpose as a missionary?

  • 01/22 - Why do I need the Atonement of Jesus Christ?

  • 02/12 - How do I learn and teach by the Spirit?

  • 02/26 - What is the role of the Book of Mormon in conversion?

  • 03/12 - How do I prepare for life as a missionary?

  • 03/26 - Teaching the Restoration

  • 04/09 - Temple Preparation

  • 04/23 - Temple Preparation

To Our Prospective Missionary and Parents

In his opening address of the April 2022 general conference, President Nelson said “today I reaffirm strongly that the Lord has asked every worthy, able young man to prepare for and serve a mission. For Latter-day Saint young men, missionary service is a priesthood responsibility. You young men have been reserved for this time when the promised gathering of Israel is taking place. As you serve missions, you play a pivotal role in this unprecedented work. For you young and able sisters, a mission is also a powerful, but optional, opportunity. We love sister missionaries and welcome them wholeheartedly. What you contribute to this work is magnificent! Pray to know if the Lord would have you serve a mission, and the Holy Ghost will respond to your heart mind.”

Our invitation to each of you is to enhance your mission preparation. Preparing to serve a mission begins long before you begin completing your mission papers. The blue button below will take you to the missionary section on the Church website, there you will find wonderful resources which will help in your preparation including:

  • Tools for determining when to serve

  • Missionary preparation resources for:

      • Personal worthiness

      • Financial preparation

      • Gospel knowledge and testimony

      • Physical and emotional health

  • Overview of the missionary recommendation interview questions

  • Dress and grooming standards

  • Links to the missionary manuals

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Prayerfully study this information before meeting with your bishop to complete the mission application. The time you spend preparing for your mission will bless your companions, those you teach, and especially you.

We also invite you to plan on attending the mission prep and temple prep classes offered through the stake YM/ YW Presidencies.

Burch Creek Stake Presidency

Dan Dillingham

Doug Anderson

Jared Abney