Sunday School


Chris Miller


Responsible for:

1st Counselor

Scott Roberts

2nd Counselor

Quinn Woody

Dear Bishops and Sunday School Presidents,

Come Follow Me is an inspired program designed to help individuals and families study and learn the gospel, then ultimately gain a testimony of its truths and the central role of our Savior Jesus Christ. In an effort to gather information so we can better assist ward leaders and ward members in utilizing this tool, we have put together a brief, anonymous survey regarding members and families use of Come Follow Me.

We will post a link to the survey on the Stake’s website as well as the Stake’s Facebook page. We will also have signs posted in the foyers of each building in the stake that will have a QR code for the survey. We have fliers with the QR code on it if wards would like to hand them out.

We encourage you as a ward council to discuss this survey and how you might encourage and even invite members/families to take the survey. The following suggestions are a few ways you might use to promote this survey:

-Announce the survey in Sacrament meeting and before classes

-Post it on your ward’s Facebook page

-Utilize ministering companionships to invite and encourage their families to take the survey

We hope this survey will create discussion among leaders, families and individuals on how we can better use this inspired program. We also hope the information will lead to inspired ideas in how to help individuals/families overcome barriers that might be preventing them in using the program or to improve their use of the program. Only one completed survey per household is necessary but households with families should be encouraged to take the survey as a family. This will give everyone an opportunity to provide feedback.

Please contact us if you have any Questions. 

Burch Creek Stake Sunday School Presidency,

Chris Miller

Scott Roberts

Quinn Woody