Technology and Media

Technology Specialist

Brad Peterson

  • Stake/Ward Broadcasts

  • Audio/Video Equipment issues

  • Clerk Computers

Asst. Technology Specialist

Mike Booth

  • Website Mentor

  • Digital Magician

Communications Specialist

Christy Spencer

  • Website Content

  • Social Media

  • Communications

Virtual Meetings and Activities

For those conducting an interactive Zoom meeting or activity during the week, please contact Brad Peterson to get a Zoom link for your ward or branch page.

Broadcast Issues

Please don't hesitate to contact Brad Peterson if your sacrament meeting broadcast contains issues. Examples:

  • Buzzing or popping audio

  • Echoing audio

  • Dropping audio or video

  • Anything else that appears to be a problem on the broadcasting side in a chapel and not due to a problem with your computer, tablet, or phone

Texting is preferred during Sunday meeting hours.