Stake Baptisms

2023 Stake Baptism Schedule

Families with a child who turns 8 in 2023 should make early arrangements with work, family, and extended family schedules to accommodate the earliest baptism date available after the child turns 8.

Baptism Coordinator

Shellie Weeks

Music Director

Sharon Sevy

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Mark McComb

2023 Stake Baptism Policy

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic our stake switched from having Stake Baptisms to Ward Baptisms.  But now that the restrictions of gathering in large groups have been lifted, we as a Stake Presidency in prayerful consultation with our Stake Primary Presidency have felt that the time has come to return to holding Stake Baptisms.  We have also felt strongly that in order to avoid scheduling conflicts, to be more uniform in the quality and format of the meetings that are planned and to be more mindful and respectful of the busy schedules of our Bishops we will not have additional ward baptismal dates. 

As we pondered, studied the Handbook and prayed about whether we should return to the format of a monthly Stake Baptism, we felt strongly that we should follow the instruction in the Church’s General Handbook which states that, “when a baptismal service for… children involves more than one ward, a member of the stake presidency or an assigned high councilor plans and conducts it. He may ask Primary leaders to help with planning. A member of the bishopric from each ward with a child being baptized should attend.  Members should not request individual times for the baptism of a child. Nor should they prescribe the content of the service.” 

We will return to holding monthly scheduled Stake Baptisms beginning January 28th, 2023.  

As a Stake Presidency and Stake Primary Presidency, along with our Bishops and Ward Primary leaders, we are so proud of the primary age children in our stake who are turning or have turned 8.  We want this to be a very special day that they will always remember.   

 In order to make this day more meaningful and personal for each child we encourage each family to hold a special Family Home Evening lesson to teach them about the importance of the baptismal covenants that they are making, the great blessing that the gift of the Holy Ghost will be in their life and to demonstrate and even practice with them where their hands will be placed during the performance of the Baptism. 

After much prayer, contemplation and discussion with our Ward and Stake leaders we feel strongly that holding an organized and well-planned Stake Baptism will provide a more consistent, meaningful and memorable experience.  We want you to know how important that the baptism of our 8-year-old children is to all of us.   


President Dan Dillingham 

President Doug Anderson 

President Jared Abney  

FAQ's for Stake Baptism

The following is a list of commonly asked questions that you may have regarding your child’s upcoming baptism, along with the answers.

Who plans and conducts the baptismal portion of the Stake Baptism?   

A member of the Stake Presidency or an assigned High Councilor plan (prayer, music, talk on Baptism etc…) and conduct this meeting.  He may ask Stake Primary leaders to help with the planning of the meeting. The family of a baptismal candidate does not plan the meeting. The meeting will begin with all candidates and family and friends in the chapel unless otherwise designated.  After each of the baptismal candidates have been introduced and a talk given on Baptism the candidates will be excused one by one, in a pre-determined order, and will individually proceed to the baptistry along with their family and invited ward members and leaders where the ordinance of the baptism will be performed.  After a candidate proceeds to the baptistry to be baptized the other candidates who are waiting to be baptized along with family and friends and ward members remain in the chapel.  Appropriate church music can be played or church videos regarding baptism watched in the chapel in order to maintain a reverent and reflective atmosphere. 

Who plans and conducts the confirmation and the laying on of hands for the Gift of the Holy Ghost portion of the Stake Baptism?

After the baptism the candidates and ward members will gather in pre-assigned rooms (Relief Society room, Primary room, High Council room, etc...).  If a ward has more than one child being baptized, then the family and invited ward members as well as ward leaders will gather as a ward in the same room.  The Bishop or member of the Bishopric will plan this portion of the service.  He may ask a ward primary leader to assist him with planning.  The family of the candidate should not plan this part of the meeting.  Interlude music can be played while the newly baptized children are changing clothes in order to maintain a reverent spirit.  A talk on the Holy Ghost will be given and the bishop or a member of the Bishopric will preside over the ordinance of the confirmation and the laying on of hands for the Gift of the Holy Ghost.  The Primary President or leader can be asked to give a brief testimony.  The Bishop or member of the bishopric may give some brief closing remarks.  A closing song and closing prayer should be given.  Postlude music can be played. 

What time does the meeting begin and when should I arrive?

The Stake Baptisms have already been scheduled for the last Saturday of each month at 10:00 a.m. for 2023. The assigned High Councilor will arrive by 9:15 a.m. to help set up at the Stake Center.  Candidates and those who are planning on baptizing them need to be at the baptistry room in the stake center for a mandatory “Orientation for Candidates” meeting at 9:40 a.m. An assigned member of the High Council will instruct the candidate and the priesthood holder who will be performing the baptism the proper procedure and wording of the prayer in association with this ordinance.  The best practice will be for the candidate and the priesthood holder performing the ordinance to have practiced ahead of time so that the child understands and is not too nervous.  Since the Bishop holds the keys for the performing of the ordinance of baptism, the person who will be performing the baptism for the child must have received permission from the Bishop, must hold the office of Priest in the Aaronic Priesthood and must be determined by the Bishop to be in good standing in that office.  Preferably, the Bishop will have met with the candidate and the priesthood holder several weeks in advance of the Baptism to make this determination. The person who performs the confirmation and laying of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost must be a worthy Melchizedek Priesthood holder.  This must be verified ahead of time.  If a person outside the stake will be performing this part of the ordinance, he must present an active temple recommend to the Bishop or member of the Bishopric who presides at this part of the meeting.

Will someone let me know what to wear and whether I need to bring clothes for my child to be baptized in?

Since baptism and the laying on of hands is one of the Saving ordinances of the Gospel, Sunday dress is most appropriate.  The Primary President will let you know the details of your baptism 3 weeks before the baptism.   A member of the Stake Primary will contact you 3 weeks before to make sure that the appropriate size Baptismal clothing for your child is available and inform you what to expect.  The baptismal candidates need to bring an extra pair of dry underwear, a towel to dry off with and a comb or brush.

Can the services be video recorded? 

The baptismal services cannot be recorded but the ordinance can be live streamed so that members of family who are unable to attend can be able to watch the service virtually.  No photography is allowed in the chapel or in the baptistry.

Can a candidate and their family have their own private baptism? 

Your Stake and Ward leaders try to make your child’s day as special as possible. The Handbook states that, “Members should not request individual times for the baptism of a child. Nor should they prescribe the content of the service.” (General Handbook 18.7.2).  If you want to make your child’s baptism more personal and special, we recommend that you hold a special Family Home Evening, where you can discuss baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost in a more personal setting with your child,  This would be a great time to practice the proper technique of how the person who is baptizing will hold the child, where the child being baptized  will place their hands and how the child will plug their own nose and to remind them about bending their knees as they are submerged under the water.

What if I want to schedule the Cultural Hall and Kitchen for my family after my child’s baptism? 

If the family of a baptismal candidate wants to reserve and use the Cultural Hall or Kitchen for a family gathering after the baptismal service they need to use the building scheduler and verify that they are available (first come first serve basis).  But these families will be responsible to make sure that the serving area and cultural hall have been cleaned up, chairs and tables put away and that the building is locked up after.

What if the date on the Stake Baptism Calendar doesn’t work for my child and family? 

If the Stake Baptism date on the month when your child turns 8 and is eligible to be baptized doesn’t work for your child or your family that is OK.  We have baptisms once a month, so it is very easy to move to the next month.  Just talk with your Primary President and let her know what month works best for your child and your family and she will let the Stake Primary leaders know.